Innovative Ideas for a Better World

I’m Steve Omohundro and I’ve been a scientist, professor, author, and entrepreneur. I have a Ph.D. in physics and my students, colleagues, and I have spent decades studying natural and artificial intelligence. I’m passionate about finding new insights and creating new technologies for a better world. I see a huge opportunity right now to bring greater compassion and happiness to the world through intelligent technologies.

I’m thrilled that my work on the social impact of artificial intelligence has been getting more media attention recently. I was invited to give a TEDx talk in Estonia and a keynote address in Oxford, and James Barrat’s excellent book “Our Final Invention” was partly based on my work. This led to news stories in the Boston Globe,  USA Today, and the New Yorker and a much longer piece in the Daily Beast. I discussed the movie “Her” on NPR’s Science Friday, did an interview on the Palo Alto cable show Future Talk TV, and did an interview with  Singularity 1 on 1. Additional talks and papers on this work can be found at Self-Aware Systems.

Here are my current projects:

1) Possibility Research (formerly Omai Ventures): A new startup to create new technologies based on intelligent computing that improve the way we think, compute, interact, and govern.

2) Self-Aware Systems: A think tank to analyze the social impact of intelligent systems and to develop approaches that are provably safe and beneficial for humanity.

3) Center for the Study of Mind: An interdisciplinary think tank I cofounded with Don Kimber, Forrest Bennett, and others to create a new understanding of matter and mind that integrates computational, neuroscience, economic, physics, and experiential approaches.

4) “Intelligent Computing: New Foundations” is a technical book I’m writing. Today’s computing infrastructure from programming languages to operating systems to networking protocols is buggy, insecure, hard to create, and hard to maintain. We present new intelligent foundations for computing based on the Omex programming paradigm, the Omcor specification paradigm, and the Omai semantic paradigm. We incorporate intelligence and adaptation into every level of systems and present new approaches to Smart Compilation, Smart Scientific Computing, Smart Learning, Smart Simulation, Smart Robotics, Smart Contracts, Smart Transactions, Smart Values, and Smart Laws.

5) “Compassionate Intelligence: Smart Technology for a Better World” is a popular book I’m writing. There is an emerging unified science of intelligence which applies to one-celled organisms, social insects, the human brain, ecosystems, economies, and artifical intelligence. We explore the nature of intelligence and its relationship to human needs and aspirations. We discuss the impact of emerging intelligent technology, both its potential dangers and benefits, and end with a compelling vision for a better world based on smart technology.

6) Social Commenting, LLC and Silicon Valley Gives Back are devoted to creating innovations in social media. I’m working with Michael Norwood and a team of collaborators and recently filed patents on 20 social media inventions.

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