Innovative Ideas for a Better World

I’m Steve Omohundro and I’ve been a scientist, professor, author, and entrepreneur. I have a Ph.D. in mathematical physics but most of my work is about natural and artificial intelligence. I’m passionate about creating new insights and technologies for a better world.

My current projects:

1) Possibility Research: is a business I recently started to create new social and intelligent technologies that improve the way we think, compute, interact, and govern.

2) Self-Aware Systems: is a think tank I started to help ensure that intelligent technologies are safe and beneficial for humanity. My recent paper on this topic: “Autonomous Technology and the Greater Human Good”  was downloaded 10,000 times in its first week and has generated lots of discussion in the popular media.

3) Center for the Study of Mind: Don Kimber, Forrest Bennett, and I gathered a group of neuroscientists, physicists, psychologists, economists, and computer scientists to take an interdisciplinary approach to intelligence and the mind.

4) Silicon Valley ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence: George Gregory, Tuna Oezer, and I recently created this group to support researchers and students in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and other AI fields. We are working to create a vibrant intellectual community and have periodic expository and tutorial lectures on topics of interest.

5) Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts: There is a flurry of new ideas and businesses related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and smart contracts. I see lots of synergies between these technologies and AI. I’m on the advisory board of Pebble which is developing an innovative cryptocurrency that can both implement microtransactions for the Internet of Things and be a stable currency for emerging economies. I’m on the advisory board of the Institute for Blockchain Studies which is exploring the future of these technologies. I’m also involved with the Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup where I gave a talk on “Smart Contracts 101″.

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