Innovative Ideas for a Better World

Steve Omohundro is a scientist developing the next generation of artificial intelligence. He has degrees in physics and mathematics from Stanford and a Ph.D. in physics from Berkeley. He designed the first data parallel language StarLisp, was an award winning professor, co-founded the Center for Complex Systems Research, wrote the 3D graphics for Mathematica, developed fast neural data structures like balltrees, designed the fastest and safest object-oriented language Sather, invented manifold learning, co-created the first neural focus of attention systems, co-designed the best lip reading system, invented model merging for fast one-shot learning, co-designed the best stochastic grammar learning system, co-created the first Bayesian image search engine PicHunter, invented self-improving AI, discovered the Basic AI Drives, proposed many of the basic AI safety mechanisms including AI smart contracts. He is an advisor to AIBrain, DFINITY, and other AI and blockchain organizations.

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