AI Matters article on the Formation of the ACM SIGAI Bay Area Chapter

In the June, 2015 issue of the AI Matters newsletter, George Gregory, Tuna Oezer, and I describe the formation of the ACM SIGAI Bay Chapter. We’ve had some fantastic speakers on natural language understanding, deep learning systems, and the DeepDive machine learning project. A great community is growing which currently has over 600 members. Join us at the next meeting!


  1. Hi Steve,

    Congrats on the new chapter! Very cool. I was also encouraged to see all the recipients of the funding from Elon Musk and the FLI yesterday. Feels like people are finally understanding how critical ethics/safety are for AI. Were you encouraged by that news?

    Knowing how busy you are, I wanted to send a draft of my book for your review, since you’re featured in it. If you can send your mailing address, I’d also like to send you a copy of the finished book. And finally, if you feel it’s worthy, I’d welcome a 2-3 sentence book blurb I could use for the cover, but of course that’s a decision you can make after you read the book.

    You can download the latest draft of the book here.

    Once you’re done with the book I’ve created a short survey to facilitate any feedback you may have.

    Thank you again for all your efforts in the AI community and the world at large. You are very appreciated.

    And happy 4th! JCH


  2. Thanks John! I’ve enjoyed your articles and would be happy to review your book. I also am finding the response to the Future of Life grants to be very heartening! I think people are getting burned out on all the articles on AI risks and dangers and are welcoming some positive steps forward. I’m hoping it will bring more academic legitimacy to the study of both the risks and design principles for creating safe and beneficial systems. I think that building a community of smart and creative people who understand the issues is the best way to move forward.

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