Lifeboat Interview on the Implications of AI for the Future of Industry

On July 30, 2015 Dan Faggella wrote an article for the Lifeboat Foundation on an interview he did with Steve Omohundro about the implications of AI for the future of industry:

We discussed the huge near term impact on a number of industries. McKinsey estimates $50 trillion of value created over the next 10 years. Gartner predicts one-third of current jobs to be automated in the same time period. Internet of Things, automated cars, automated 18-wheel semis. Heathcare, medicine, 3D printed houses, the legal profession. E-discovery, patent searches, automated contract creation. Liability questions when robots or automated vehicles harm someone. Big data, bots that commit insider trading, price fixing, or purchase illegal items on the darknet. With careful thought and introspection about values we can expand today’s legal and business environment to include automated systems and create a much more efficient and humane future.

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