Future Talk TV Interview: AI, Robots, and Drones

On July 22, 2015, Marty Wasserman interviewed Steve Omohundro about “AI, Robots, and Drones” for the local Palo Alto TV cable show “Future Talk TV”. Here is the interview on YouTube:

We discussed the huge economic impact that AI and Robotics are likely to have over the next 10 years, especially manufacturing robots, medicine, business processes, self-driving cars, and military applications. Narrow AI vs. General AI. The 420 Chinese robot companies and manufacturers like Foxconn who are in the process of automating manufacturing and assembly. What should be the balance between robots and human workers? “Any job a robot can do is probably a job you don’t want to do!” Will huge productivity gains from automation be used to uplift everyone? Robot brain surgery and hair replacement surgery. Data mining for improvements in health diagnosis and treatment. Self-driving cars, Uber, moral choices, uses for shipping. Drones for agriculture, detecting forest fires, lifesaving, and medicine delivery. Military drones, drone swarms, mosquito drones, drone boats, drones with guns. Robots to help disabled people, modifying the human body. Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain as a mechanism for decentralized contracts between parties that don’t know or trust one another. The nature of money, there is a quadrillion tons of gold at the center of the earth, what has value? Bitcoin mining, bitcoin millionaires, bubbles, Ethereum, fixing internet security, preparing for the AI Society.

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