Social Media Storms Workshop: Steve Omohundro speaks on AI mitigation strategies

On October 10, 2018, Steve Omohundro will speak in the “Social Media Storms Workshop” put on by the Nautilus Institute, the Preventive Defense Project at Stanford, and Technology for Global Security. It is funded by the MacArthur Foundation.

We have seen the huge impact of “social media storms” across Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. Often these storms are driven by fake news, false alarms, extremist positions, and other forces of memetic contagion. How can we understand the dynamics? How can we detect when social media storms are happening? When they are dangerous? What are the best ways to dampen them down? To stop them? To guide them in a positive direction?

Steve Omohundro will discuss the role that AI has in creating fake news (eg. the DeepFakes synthetic video software), in forming memetic storms, in detecting these storms, and in stopping them.

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