VoiceAmerica discussion with Cynthia Brian about Artificial Super Intelligence

On April 8, 2015 Steve Omohundro and Cynthia Brian discussed the social and personal implications of artificial intelligence and robotics for the VoiceAmerica internet radio show “Star Style”:


The mp3 is available here:

We discussed a variety of technologies that are on the verge of transforming our lives: self-driving cars, 3D-printed houses, manufacturing robots, and ultimately artificial superintelligences. We talked about how to make sure these systems behave in moral and beneficial ways. We also discussed how to stay positive and constructive when thinking about challenging future possibilities. And the need for people with a wide range of backgrounds and insights to contribute towards creating a positive vision for our human future.

Here is a press release about the show:


One comment

  1. Steve,

    Loved the VoiceAmerica interview! Very well-spoken. Good, simple, understandable answers to some complex AI issues. Keep it up!

    Now where do we get the same for Smart Contracts?

    Tim Holmes

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