The Hive Think Tank AI Reading Group: Probabilistic Programming

On July 29, 2021 Steve Omohundro was part of the Hive Think Tank’s “AI Reading Group” along with George Gregory, Daniel Goncharov, and Nikesh Kotecha discussing probabilistic programming and its applications to biology:


📢 UPDATE – MATERIALS SELECTED: Please review the video and slides below for next week’s discussion❗️

📌A talk by Fritz Obermeyer, Deep Probabilistic Programming with Pyro (his talk starts at 56:30 time marker):

📌Slides for his talk:

A new quarterly book club focusing on the most relevant and recent AI publications & literature – this first session will focus on Probabilistic Programming. This special quarterly 1-hour event with select guests who pre-select and discuss interesting papers that they have recently read. Attendees are encouraged to share their views or ask questions on the chat and Q&A interface.

Deep learning neural networks combined with Bayesian probabilistic models are enabling AI to have a huge impact on science and engineering. Join a group of AI researchers and scientists in a discussion of these trends as they impact biology. AI has recently discovered the antibiotic “halicin”, is making great strides in folding proteins, and is giving biologists new clarity in analyzing cell data. We discuss the role of probability and machine learning and where we see these trends heading in the future.

*George Gregory – Co-Founder & CEO, System AI, Inc. [MODERATOR]
*Daniel Goncharov – Head of 42 AI & Robotics + Google Developer Expert in ML
*Steve Omohundro – Research Scientist, Facebook + Author, “Geometric Perturbation Theory in Physics”
*Nikesh Kotecha – Adjunct Prof. Stanford University + frmr Informatics VP Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

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