Autopiloto Podcast from a Self-Driving Car

On November 15, 2018 Steve Omohundro was interviewed live for the Autopiloto Podcast from a self-driving car which was exploring places in Silicon Valley of interest for self-driving. Here is the 12 hour podcast:

The interview with Steve begins at the timestamp 3:45:20.

Autopiloto Podcast Thursday

AUTOPILOTO is a 24-hour live online radio broadcast about all
things self-driving hosted from a semi-autonomous vehicle looping the
Bay Area. This broadcast takes up questions of how autonomy and
automatic movement will shape Bay Area geographies, societies, and
cultures. Considering  self-driving as technology, psychological
state, anthropological condition and systems, what will our cities
sound like in a driverless future? How will society and infrastructure
systems adapt? What might humans do during newfound transit time? In
what ways do machines imitate human auto-pilot modes, and vice versa?
How can we build equitable, planetary, intelligent transit for all?

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