Foresight Institute Great Debate on “Drop Everything And Work on Artificial Intelligence?”

On November 19, 2016, Steve Omohundro participated in the Foresight Institute’s “Great Debate” on whether we should “Drop Everything and Work on Artificial Intelligence?” Here is a video of the event:

This was the second of four debates at Foresight Institute’s The Great Debates in San Francisco.

Speakers on this panel:

Peter Voss, Head of AGI Innovations Inc

Steve Omohundro, President, Possibility Research

Monica Anderson, Director of Research at Syntience Inc

Michael Andregg, Co-Founder and CSO at Fathom Computing

Moderator: David Yanofsky, Reporter at Quartz

Introduction: Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute

Discussion topics included:

Morality and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Narrow AI vs. Artificial General Intelligence

AI Safety

Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Predictions about the Singularity

Existential Risk

Longterm Futurism


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